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Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

by Nintendo
Video Game
$ 299.00
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Variation Attributes
Color : Neon Blue and Red
Style : Console
- Play your way with the Nintendo Switch gaming system. Whether you're at home or on-the-go, solo or with friends, the Nintendo Switch system is designed to fit your life. Dock your Nintendo Switch to enjoy HD gaming on your TV. Heading out? Just undock your console and keep playing in handheld mode. - This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, with left and right Joy‑Con controllers in Neon Blue (L) and Neon Red (R). It also includes two Joy-Con strap accessories, one Joy-Con grip, an HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter

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In Detail Review
At one point the Nintendo Switch was really hard to find. Let’s see why this particular item was and possibly still is a hot commodity. In the box for this item you get pretty much everything that you need, the AC adapter, HDMI cable (a lot of things that require HDMI cable nowadays don't come with one), joy controllers, joy controller grips, switch dock, 2 x joy construct accessories and of course the 32 GB Nintendo Switch. I personally have not owned a handheld console since the Game Boy color and with this I found myself very pleased with the versatility that this particular portable handheld console offers and at the price. You get a console which you can can sit and play alone, you can prop it up and play with others, you can plan virtually against others or even dock it to get more immersive at home experiencing on your TV. I was surprised at how well it did all of these things, so for instance when I took it with me on the go had no issues with extended play in hand, I often found myself holding the console itself and just playing it in this manner versus using the joy con grip. Using the joy con grip was an okay experience but it was just personal preference to hold the console in hand. The console didn’t weigh down in my hand, it was overall a solid comfortable experience with just enough screen real estate to see things without squinting. It has a 1280 x 720 multi touch screen display. It does come in at about 4 inches tall and 9.4 inches long, not quite as small as a iPhone 7+ or something of that nature. Everything look sharp vibrate and it didn't leave me feeling like I needed more from it because it was enough, the console buttons were responsive and not too small. Along the bottom you can find a USB charging port, on the top you have the power button, volume controls, game slot and a headphone jack. I would have liked it if these functioned with Bluetooth because I'd rather play these with the Bluetooth headset. It does have built-in speakers which put out a decent amount of evenly distributed sound to enjoy. On the back, you also have a built-in stand with a microSD card slot to expand the storage. so quite a few complaints were issued about the flimsiness of this stand and from personal use of it I would say that it does feel a bit weak and fragile in terms of the build but at the same time it also doesn't do a terrible job in holding up the screen, but it certainly could be better. When it comes to gaming you can enjoy that in a number of different ways, for one you can sit and play it like a regular console with the joy cons attached (my more common way of playing games). Or you could detach the joy cons and play with them individually in hand, or attach the joy con grip to the controller base to them to make it feel more like an actual controller. The joy con controllers can be used as motion sticks for interactive play. You can snap joy cons back onto the controller so you can also play against others virtually, so if you happen to be near another Nintendo Switch owner then depending upon the game and knowing another switch owner you can play against someone else. My other favourite way of playing is docking the console and it literally launches the game to the TV instantly, just like the TV commercial shows, which is really nice to know that things weren't exaggerated to simply sell you. I can literally resume playing between the TV and console immediately upon docking or undocking the unit instantly switching between playing on the console and TV. The resolution carried over nicely from the console to the TV and I didn’t really notice a difference. These different gameplay options are pretty innovative, useful and practical. It really amazes me that this item can transform into all of this. However, and contrasted to this the game options were a bit less amazing, a lot of titles were not released with the console, which leave you with few options to actually enjoy. This confused me, because here you are with this awesome console and about five big games. The first game I purchased was Zelda, that's primarily because so many people were raving about it. I’ve never been a Zelda fan so definitely consider that when I make my next statement, when I actually did give it a try, I found myself intrigued and hooked on Zelda and I remember when I was younger my brother used to play it all the time on the Nintendo yeah so to have that picture in my mind of Zelda and then playing it on the switch and seeing the graphics, storyline and the manner in which it was, I was pretty impressed! I literally found myself playing for hours and which initially I had no intention of doing. So much so that I found there were moments where I shouldn't be playing that I was playing. It was definitely killing that battery, it would deplete in just over three hours. But thankfully you can charge the Nintendo Switch using a portable battery bank, and being able to charge in this matter is really handy and makes the switch, rise up where it could have potentially failed, because now you even have a more portable way to charge a device. I really enjoyed Zelda but to truly enjoy the game it requires concentration and time and sometimes you just want to play a quick game which is really what I was ready for, something new that would give me that and that's where Mario kart comes in. that game gave me new excitement to play my switch, because I was getting a little tired of Zelda and the type of time and attention that it to me required. Mario kart is one of those games you can take your friends on regardless of where they are located in the world. It can be interesting adding friends because you would think that you would just get the username, but you actually invite them in a very specific way if there around you and if not you have to add them using their friend code which is this weird series of characters that I don't know who would remember, so to me adding friends which a lot of us would like to do is not as intuitive and easy as I would like. For the Nintendo Switch there are new and bigger titles coming out throughout the year, I really love docking the station and playing on the TV. It took me some time to get my hands on one of these, but I’m really glad I purchased it. Initially I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Nintendo delivered on the lot, it's a really great choice for portable gaming with lots of solo and group play options and awesome graphics.
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